#ActiveSiklista Q&A with Kimi Grande

Meet Kimi, 13 years old, hardcore bicycle enthusiast.

Demi Hollsen Grande, known to his friends as “Kimi”, started joining competitions when he was 11 years old. He has been fascinated with bikes ever since he was a little kid. Mr. Boom Menciano, his father, has been bringing him to local spots and entering him in competitions in the condition that he does well in school. His discipline includes BMX Street, Dirt Jump, and Downhill. Sounds like a great start?

Kimi Grande

KIMI IN ACTION. Photos were taken at 3skulls Tagaytay c/o of Mr. Boom Menciano and Mr. Kalvin Sumagui.

Let’s get to know how Kimi, 13, developed his burning passion for riding with Bikes Magazine‘s exclusive #ActiveSiklista Q&A:

1. How did you get into cycling?
My Dad encouraged me a lot. Also, the first time I saw Armand Mariano doing his practice runs prior to an event, has inspired me to get into Cycling.

2. What teams are you part of?
Scrapbikes, DirtBros, 3skullsSan Antonio Rider united – SARU, and Lifestyle.BMX.

3. Are you cycling professionally or for leisure? Who is your coach?
For now, I’m cycling mainly for leisure. My coaches in BMX are Armand Mariano and Dan Lopez. For MTB Downhill, my coaches are Ronnie Jorge and Randee Vivo.

4. How do you balance your time between being a student and being a cyclist?
I manage my time by following my daily schedule.

5. How often and where do you hold your practices?
I practice BMX at least 3 times a week. During weekends, my dad and I visit bike parks.


6. What was the most memorable race you’ve ever joined?
The most exciting ‘fun race’ that I have ever joined was the 3skulls Fun Race!

7. What do you find most challenging in being a cyclist?
To be a Track and Field varsity and a BMX and Downhill rider at the same time. I follow my daily schedule per discipline and stay focus every time.

8. What are your interests aside from cycling?

9. Who are the cyclists / athletes you look up to?
Armand Mariano, Dan Lopez, Alexis deGuzman, Brandon Semenuk, Brett Rheeder, and Randee Vivo.

10. Describe cycling competitions that you took part in.
2015 PhilBike Expo – Finalist (Class B)
2016 BMX Day Manila Skatepark – 2nd Place (Class B)
Vermosa Pumptrack Challenge – 2nd Place (Beginners Category)
Top Spot National BMX Open Class – Qualified 7th Place Over All
3skulls Fun Race – Best in Whip

11. How do you prepare for a specific cycling event?
I keep it up with regular training and exposing myself to new stunts or track challenges.

12. What specific gears do you utilize to enhance your performance?
I utilize bike safety gears such as full face helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves.

Boom Menciano and Kimi Grande

LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON. Kimi Grande strikes a pose with his father, Mr. Boom Menciano.

13. What kind of support do you receive from family?
My family is very supportive of my cycling career. My dad plays with me during the weekend and he brings me to different parks and trails.

14. What do you think is the most important thing to remember in cycling?
Passion for riding, regular practice, and exposure to new parks will really develop your skills.

15. What are your tips for aspiring cyclists?
Put your full dedication to learning new tricks to get faster on riding a Downhill bike. Never give up and continue on practicing.

Reference: Kimi Bmx/DH Grande

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Photos, text, and videos c/o Mr. Boom Menciano, Mr. Kalvin Sumagui, Wikipedia, Bike Life PH, Kimi Bmx/DH Grande, Pinaybiker’s Chronicles, and @BikesMag FB Page



Photos, text, and videos c/o Mr. Boom Menciano, Mr. Kalvin Sumagui, Wikipedia, Bike Life PH, Kimi Bmx/DH Grande, Pinaybiker's Chronicles, and @BikesMag FB Page
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