Manila Fixed Gear Affixing Bike-Life Integration

Manila Fixed Gear’s aspirations are as simple and direct as their bike of choice. The group encourages everyone to ride a bike and use it in their daily lives—pushing the idea that bikes are not just sports or recreational vehicles but an important part of a person’s life.

Manila Fixed Gear_Kiko Escora

The local group cultivates the culture of fixed gear bikes in the country. “Most of our members (now a little over 10,000 on Facebook) ride their bikes for their daily commute,” says Kiko Escora of Manila Fixed Gear. “A lot of them also go for long distance rides on weekends and holidays, while a sizable number have gotten into competitive cycling, not only in fixed gear-specific events, but also in road and mountain bike races.”

After its creation in 2008, Manila Fixed Gear has become a mother group for various sub-groups it spawned within and outside Metro Manila.

Manila-Fixed-Gear02      Manila-Fixed-Gear01

“Every sub-group has their own events depending on their members’ preferences,” explains Escora. “Some events are big enough to gather most of the other groups.”

The Ultraman event is an example. Organized by the WeFXD, a fixed gear group, the Ultraman is a series of uphill races held bi-monthly outside the Philippine Sports Complex, formerly ULTRA, in Pasig City.

Manila Fixed Gear appears content to have roused the creation of such events.

“There a lot of other big events happening all year round. One of them is the MFG Harabas criterium race that will debut at this year’s PhilBike Expo. We hope to see a lot of riders join or even just watch and celebrate the event,” Escora says.





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