United Folding Bikers (UFB) is pretty straightforward when it comes to what they want to accomplish.

In a gist, UFB encourages everyone to use folding bikes both as an alternative means of transportation and as a vehicle for recreation and fitness. By riding together and helping create a cleaner environment, they also aim to spread the virtues of love, respect, friendship, and adventure among bike enthusiasts and those who share the roads.

In essence, UFB’s goals are almost everything one looks for in a bike group. As of press time, 15,700 Facebook users are taking part in the UFB fun. “UFB wanted to create an alternative folding bike group, which did not have any restrictions and simply have fun,” explains former UFB administrator Tommy Reyes.

And while the group has grown big, Reyes insists that UFB has always been organized and will continue to be managed by a group of bikers who stick to the original objectives.

These advocacies are spread through UFB’s wide network that now has 15 chapters from a number of cities and municipalities that provide a channel of communication for group bike rides, promotion of riding events, and an exchange of bike experiences and inquiries.

“The momentum of awareness is there,” says Reyes. “It is still up to us to continue and sustain this momentum to make the metro [Metro Manila] a better place to ride our bikes. So let’s ride, have fun, and spread good vibes!”



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5 years ago
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