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Padyakerong Infantahin is a group of mountain bikers from Infanta, Quezon promoting downhill biking activities and community-based events. They also aim to sustain biking as a means of building camaraderie and increasing healthy lifestyle awareness among its 36 members.

Metro Manila - Infanta, Quezon - Lucena City routes

“Binangonan de Lampon” used to be the name of Infanta. In 1835, it was renamed “Infanta” by a captain named Juan Salvador in honor of the saint “Jesus Infante” or Child Jesus. The town fiesta is celebrated every April 25.

Infanta, the “Gateway to the Pacific” is a first class municipality in the province of Quezon, Philippines. It is located 144 kilometers north-east of Metro Manila and 136 kilometers north of Lucena City, the provincial capital of Quezon. Infanta is the largest manufacturer of “lambanog”, a kind of distilled coconut liquor in the province and is known as the center of economic enterprise in the entire northern Quezon, CALABARZON (Region IV-A).

According to Mr. Jasper Leona, one of the group’s FB administrators, “We are just a small biking group here in Infanta that consists of 36 members and only 15-20 are currently active. Other members are working abroad. We created this group to showcase our place and biking activities that other bikers from Manila, Laguna, Rizal, or other nearby towns might be interested.”  The group page was created by Leona on February 28, 2016, together with other administrators, Aljeru Gangan, Alton Mac Diestro, and Leader/Founder Robert Miras Babas.

Leona also encourages other cycling enthusiasts to view their touring videos and photos“We have our regular biking schedule every Saturday. Our objective is to encourage physical fitness, camaraderie among bikers, and eco-tourism promotion in our areas,” he added.

Padyakerong InfantahinTheir usual off-road routes nestle to several Quezon province trails: from Infanta-Marikina road, General Nakar mountainous terrains to Real. On April 30, the group joined the 24-km Reina fun ride for “Secure And Fair Elections (SAFE) 2016” from Real to Infanta as organized by the Philippine Army 1st Infantry Battalion, 2ID.

To get to know more of Padyakerong Infantahin‘s bike tours, please check out these videos.

Let’s take a look back at Padyakerong Infantahin‘s bike trips:

References: Information c/o Mr. Jasper Leona | Photos and videos from @PadyakerongInfantahin (FB page) and BAYDI LAANG KAMI (YouTube Channel)



References: Information c/o Mr. Jasper Leona | Photos and videos from @PadyakerongInfantahin (FB page) and BAYDI LAANG KAMI (YouTube Channel)
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