Taking the Bike to Work Challenge

Text and photo by Karen Silva Crisostomo

From rough, muddy bike trails to hilly traffic-filled city riding… trying something new is right down the alley for these adventure seeking cyclists

Bicycle Friendly Philippines

Bicycle Friendly Philippines is a movement that works towards a more conducive environment for cycling by coordinating with government agencies and LGUs. | Text and Photo reference: FB Page

Members of the Antipolo Cyclers Club (ACC) are weekend warriors whose passion is to ride their bicycles to various destinations away from the city in search of fun and adventure. They cycle primarily for leisure with the Eastern side of the Province of Rizal as their playground. They are proud Antipolenos who know that their beloved city continues to be a popular destination for cyclists not only for its famous tourist spots like The Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage and Hinulugang Taktak but also for the challenge of cycling up steep and winding Sumulong Highway.

Most of the members of the ACC are residents of the city. Some of them work at the City Hall of Antipolo. They were more than happy to hear about the city government’s efforts to transform Antipolo into an even more bicycle-friendly destination when it passed an ordinance last November titled The Bicycle Code of Antipolo (Ordinance No 2015-667) establishing bicycle lanes, bicycle friendly zones, and bicycle parking facilities. It includes advocacy and incentives for the promotion of the use of bicycles as a healthy, traffic, air and noise pollution-free mode of transportation within the territorial jurisdiction of the city. Bike to school and bike to work programs are some of the activities the city government wishes to create through this ordinance.

Despite the many worthy reasons to commute by bicycle to work, getting started is always a challenge even for the ACC seasoned cyclists. Some of the reasons they cited for not doing so were:

  • Distance and terrain (This brought smiles to our faces considering their epic rides)
  • A need for infrastructures such as designated bike lanes, secure bike parking, shower facilities, and lockers (nods of agreement) and,
  • The perceived convenience of owning a motorized vehicle (raised eyebrows)
Taking the Bike to Work Challenge

Most ACC members are residents of the city, some work at the City Hall of Antipolo. They were happy with “The Bicycle Code of Antipolo (Ordinance No 2015-667)”, establishing bicycle lanes, bicycle friendly zones, and bicycle parking facilities in Antipolo. | Reference: Karen Silva Crisostomo

Kudos to the ACC City Hall employees who took on an impromptu Bike to Work Challenge last Tuesday, July 19, 2016. When asked if they would do it again, their responses varied from “yes”, “maybe once or twice a week” and “perhaps, if the infrastructure is in place already.…” For their part, the local government installed a secure bicycle parking for this activity.

As residents and employees of the city, they realize that if there is going to be an effective implementation of the ordinance, it has to start with them. They have to initiate and provide an example to follow for the rest of the Antipolenos and other Filipinos as well.

Change is coming. For Antipolo City, It is just around the next hilly bend.

See attached link: 12 common excuses and answers to these excuses for not bike commuting by Jeff Haug.

Text and photo references:
Text and photo by Miss Karen Silva Crisostomo’s  FB public album “Taking the Bike to Work Challenge: Leading by Example”Bicycle Friendly Philippines FB page and notes published on  July 21, 2016, Riding Your Bicycle to Work by Jeff Haug | In photos: City Administrator, Robert Nacianceno, Roland Denoso (City Assessors Ofc), Teodore Gatlabayan (Sports Dev), Eng’r Gabriel Eusebio (CityEngineering Ofc), Elmer Rosete (Sanggunian Ofc), Lorie Martinez (Office of the Treasurer), Rosar P. Crisostomo, Karen S. Crisostomo (Bicycle Friendly Philippines)



Text and photos by Miss Karen Silva Crisostomo and Bicycle Friendly Philippines
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