Life seems to be a delicate balancing act for 10-time Guinness World Record holder

Vittorio Brumotti. The cycling legend rarely goes anywhere without wheels. Hopping onto enormous moving or stationary objects, jumping from tall platforms, climbing into staircases, and passing through slacklines are just a few of the tricks that Brumotti perfectly performs with his road bike.

This 34-year-old road bike freestyler from Liguria, Italy never fails to show how passionate he is with his present career. “My passion for the bike began when I saw two Italian riders performing a show in my country,” shares Brumotti. His fearless biking lifestyle started when he was 11, when he received his first bike. I spent my days riding in Finale Ligure, close to my parent’s house, together with my friends,” he said.

It was more than a passing fancy. His passion for cycling turned into a profession as he honed his cycling skills.  “It was really exciting when I did my first competition. Then I started with the show all over the world. In 1996, I was in Spain for my first international experience to compete in the Biketrial World Championship,” Brumotti shares.

He adds that he can’t live a day without his faithful pedal companion. “I love my bike and I need to train every day! I’m always busy. I travel a lot. But it’s really important to find time to train. My bike is always with me!”

As for mastering one stunt and then another, he became a more enthusiastic and braver biking daredevil. “A regular training day starts with a good breakfast and some exercise. I train on the road bike, riding 100km. Then I go to my personal training box to try new performances and new stunts,” he shares.

Bending the rules

Brumotti is all about bending the biking rules. He once rode a bike over a railing 60 feet high above the ground. Another time, he rode his carbon Montante frame with its standard FSA cranks and handlebars, and regular Vision wheels along the edge of a guardrail of the US Pacific Coast highway, with only the addition of a reinforced rear hubon as an extra precaution.

His chutzpah has garnered him fans from all over the globe, but for the renegade rider, bike tricks and stunts are not just an act or performance. It is a way of life, one that is about having fun, testing his talent to the limit, and challenging fate.




  • I have many tattoos.
  • I have a passion for special cars.
  • I like cooking.
  • In January, I met one of the strongest cyclists team in the world. Now I’m riding for Pro Team Tinkoff-Saxo.
  • I was in Dubai as a special guest for Dubai Tour in February 2015
  • I became official Ambassador for Expo Milano in May 2015
  • My new video “Road bike Freestyle 2” went live on Global Cycling Network. It hit more than 2 million views in one week.



“I plan everything with my staff to be focused on the performance. Before the event, I listen to good Italian music.”



“I’m excited to meet the [Filipinos] because I’m sure they are a very dynamic population! It will be my first trip to the Philippines and I want see with my own eyes what I found out from the Internet.”



“Stay tuned to see my road bike freestyle show! I’m working to do some exclusive stunts for you guys!”



“The cycling community had a good increase in the last two years. New bikes, new technologies, and everybody can ride a bicycle. The e-bikes for example are the perfect compromise for ladies and men to ride everyday without training.”




June 14, 1980 – Born in Finale, Ligure, Italy.

November 11 1991 – Received his first trial bike.

1999 – Broke his knee ligaments (which were never operated) when he was 19.

August 27 2006 – Won the Biketrial World Championship.

November 2007 – Won his first Guinness World Record. He jumped on his bike, with the rear wheel 20 hurdles and 1.5 meters distant from each other.

2008 – Beat his personal record of jumping hurdles three times.

September 2008 – Became a special correspondent for the most popular TV show of Italy, Striscia la Notizia.

May 2009 – Won his fifth Guinness World Record by plunging into the sea with his bike from a height of 17 meters.

November 2009 – Won another Guinness World Record by jumping between two trucks four meters distant from each other.

May 2010 – Jumping on the rear wheel of his bike at a height of 143 meters, he obtained another Guinness World Record.

June 2011 – Appreared as a presenter on the summer TV program Paperissima Sprint.

October 2012 – Climbed the tallest tower of the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, with his bike in two hours and 20 minutes, thus, obtaining his eighth Guinness World Record.

May 2013 – Won another Guinness World Record by crossing a bar with a diameter of five centimeters and a length of 20 meters in balance using a bike

November 2013 – Became the ambassador of Peace and Sport, an organization that promotes peace in the world through sports, sponsored by Prince Albert II of Monaco




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