Pinas Lowridaz:

An Exercise in Style

Cars and motorcycles are not the only rides that can get souped up with some swag. Bicycles can sport designs that can show off your personality and quirks too!

Biking group Pinas Lowridaz, gives a nod to urban culture and rap music as they roam the metro on assembled and hip-hop inspired lowrider bicycles.

Pinas Lowridaz Founded by Timothy Cashman in 2011, Pinas Lowridaz was formed to bring together people who love to assemble and customize bikes and, essentially, introduce lowrider bicycles in the biking scene. Given the artistry and high attention to detail required for a biker to build his or her own lowrider, the group also exhibits that touch of Pinoy creativity and ingenuity in turning ordinary bikes into intricate and eye-catching rides.

The group is composed of approximately 80 members from different parts of Manila, Laguna, and Cebu. Each member has his or her own collection of lowriders, which are often displayed in the group’s weekly gathering in Baywalk, along Roxas Boulevard, in Manila on Sundays. It’s all about riding in style, and getting noticed, they say. For instance, Angelo de Venecia, former vice president of Pinas Lowridaz, considers it a source of pride to have exhibited his silver lowrider in different biking events.

Although building a quality lowrider bike does not come cheap (de Venecia’s prized possession costs P70,000), the respect and appreciation that a biker gets from designing a lowrider makes all the effort and sacrifices worth it. Pinas Lowridaz members come in all ages, too. Kylie San Diego is only 16 and he spends time, money, and effort on building his dream ride.

Pinas Lowridaz

Members of the group ride together and showcase their treasured creations in their annual bike show and competition, Bike Wars. However, the event is not just about showing off shiny overspoked wheels and tall upward-swept ape hanger handlebars as a product of their hard work and creativity. It is also about giving back to the community. One of the projects that the group has put together is to donate school supplies to a chosen learning institution. Pinas Lowridaz definitely exemplifies riding with swag, soul, and style.



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