SUUNTO Spartan Ultra: Athletic & Adventure Multisport

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SUUNTO Spartan Ultra

In classical history, no other breed of warrior has struck fear into rival civilizations as the Spartans. Trained to deal with adversity, to succeed against seemingly impossible odds, the Spartan warrior continues to inspire modern day feats of heroism among athletes who drive themselves to ever higher peaks of excellence.

Today’s  athlete need not be out for blood to excel, but the same ethos that drove the ancient Greeks to heroic feats is what drives today’s competitive warriors. The hunger for excellence, the passion for continuous progress drives the modern day Spartan. Whether it be in the pursuit of running, cycling, triathlon, powerlifting, or plain and simple badassery, the Spartan athlete is about pushing the boundaries of human potential.

To work harder than the rest. To keep on going when others would already quit. To be the last one standing.

It is the passion to progress.

SUUNTO Spartan Ultra

It is about being part of #TeamProgressBeyondLogic.

Known for its tough-as-nails line of “wristtop computers”, Finnish company SUUNTO unleashes its most capable device yet, the uncompromising Spartan Ultra. The first training tool made specifically for the unbreakable athlete.

Featuring a space grade titanium bezel, high contrast color touchscreen display, and a multitude of features in its quiver, the Spartan Ultra is all the modern day warrior needs and more.

SUUNTO Spartan Ultra

Key Highlights

Titanium bezel and proven SUUNTO durability make it light and incredibly tough enough to take the knocks and drops of everyday training without skipping a beat.

Outdoor Grade Color Screen. High contrast display is easily visible under any light condition. Intuitive menu lets the wearer easily tailor Spartan Ultra to his immediate needs.

Preset Sport modes. Designed for the multisport athlete, preset modes include Cycling, Outdoor/Indoor running, Swimming, Weight Training, and more. These can be further customized in the Movescount site.

Multi-Info Display. Spartan Ultra can display anywhere from 3 to 8 lines of information depending on the mode, reducing the need to scroll between display modes and distract from the workout.

20-200H battery life. High powered battery and efficient Bluetooth and GPS technology minimize energy consumption; a must for Ironman athletes, ultramarathoners and multi-day trekkers.

Bluetooth connectivity. Spartan Ultra can be paired with SUUNTO cadence/HR pods, third party devices such as power meters, and can also sync to a mobile phone for email alerts.

Smart Training Insights. Everytime you sync your Spartan Ultra to the SUUNTO Movescount site, you get access to invaluable training metrics such as time in Training Zones, Training Effect, Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), and your training log.

Community Powered Progress. Connect Spartan Ultra to the Movescount community and you can reach out to coaches, discover new routes with cycling/running heat maps, and even plan out your next ride/run by downloading the route to Spartan Ultra.

Personal Best and Peer Group Training Insights. Spartan Ultra informs you when you’ve hit a new Personal Best in your workout, as well as lets you compare how you stack up with your peers.

SUUNTO Spartan is distributed by Time Depot and retails at the following prices:

Spartan Ultra All Black Titanium

Spartan Ultra All Black Titanium – 45,000 PHP

Spartan Ultra Stealth Titanium

Spartan Ultra Stealth Titanium – 40,000 PHP

Spartan Ultra Black

Spartan Ultra Black – 40,000 PHP

Spartan Ultra White – 40,000 PHP

Available at the following stores nationwide:

Metro Manila

North Luzon


  • Time Depot SM Cebu, SM Davao, Centrio Cagayan de Oro
Time Depot

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View Suunto Spartan Ultra Presentation for more details.

Check out #BikesMag event coverage of Suunto Spartan Ultra Launch at Maximus Athlete’s Café Shop, October 27, 2016.

Text and photo references: SUUNTO Spartan Ultra Press Release



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