The Roads of Marinduque

If you love going on bike tours in the Philippines, then travelling the Marinduque Loop is a mustdo for you.

Marinduque is an island located in the heart of the Philippines, and just like its location, it is, in fact, shaped like a human heart. It has long been known for its Moriones Festival, which gathers together the town’s devotees and tourists during the Holy Week as the passion of Christ is reenacted. Other than that, tourists also come in troves to experience the simpler pace of life on this beautiful island and savor its fresh produce and seafood. What I have discovered is that Marinduque is a biker’s paradise as well.

I’ve been on many epic bike tours in the Philippines, but the Marinduque Loop is by far the most memorable one. The ride around the island is easy. It’s a combination of climbs and flat roads. Which may present a challenge to less-seasoned bikers but the scenery, the good weather, and the warm hospitality of the people have kept our minds off the difficulty of the ride.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and my ride though the loop, and given the chance, I will do it again in, well, a heartbeat.

Nityalila Saulo – Touring Bike
Miko Aguilar – Mountain Bike
Tina dela Cruz – Mountain Bike
Aubrey Rodriguez – Commuter Bike
Lucio Binalla – Folding Bike
Dennis Salvador – Folding Bike
Mich Rama – Folding Bike
Jeremy – Folding Bike



Nityalila Saulo
5 years ago
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Written by Nityalila Saulo
Nityalila Saulo (a.k.a Nitya, Lila) is a musician and an environment activist. Her lifelong advocacy is the advancement of animal and environmental rights as she was born and raised a vegetarian. Notably, she has been nominated as one of PETA’s (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) Sexiest Vegetarians.

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